Wiley has worked at the graduate university level as an adjunct professor teaching MBA students about the real-world legal environment for managers and supervisors, and about legal and legislative issues. His breadth of legal experience and presentation skills make him an ideal teacher. Wiley has been able to leverage his litigation, advising, and training experience to create an engaging, lively learning environment. He is available to teach in any of his practice areas, with a focus on labor, employment, civil rights, business and commercial law.

Moreover, Wiley has used his technical savvy to excel in the ever-expanding on-line teaching area. He has tremendous aptitude in both the WebCT and Blackboard on-line teaching formats. He leads engaging on-line chats, discussion boards, and on-line interactions, and understands the advantages of on-line learning.

Student response to Wiley has been overwhelmingly favorable. Wiley’s students have commented that:

  • “I loved Professor Wiley’s structure and his knowledge base.  Best class yet.”
  • “Professor Wiley was truly superb.  I cannot possibly express how well he did in this class.  He is clearly a great instructor and head and shoulders better than any other professor I’ve had in the program.  It was his first role as an instructor at this university, and he pulled it off as if he’d been a professor for years.  I hope he blesses many future classes with his talents.”
  • “I appreciated Professor Wiley’s professional experience.  He is a highly respected lawyer.  The cases he brought for discussion were ‘value added’ and the were real life situations that were applicable to managers.”
  • “I was pleasantly surprised by the experience of Professor Wiley and its breadth.”
  • “I felt most engaged when Professor Wiley used real life case studies during his lecture. It was very applicable to the material covered in the chapters and gave a good perspective of things that happen in the court system.”
  • “I like Professor Wiley’s style. He does a great job of teaching/explaining the material. Very open to questions and being contacted outside of class.”
  • “Great Discussion.  Professor Wiley kept things moving along while still allowing time for ample discussion and interesting tangent discussions to develop and be explored.  Kudos!”
  • “I appreciate Professor Wiley’s structure in his lecture and his experience/prestige that he brings to the class.  I appreciate his attention to detail.”
  • “The case studies helped me think critically and really dig into the legal system.  I appreciated Professor Wiley’s structure during class lecture; this was by far one of my favorite classes.”
  • “There was a lot of great interaction and discussion. More than I have ever had in any other class.”
  • “Professor Wiley did a great job and was one of the best instructors we have had in the program.”
  • “I enjoyed the class.  Professor Wiley was engaging and brought great material to cover in the classroom.”
  • “Professor Wiley was able to provide really good expectations and structure throughout the class. I feel like I have a good understanding of what the class structure will be and what I will learn about legal issues.”
  • Students unanimously felt strongly that Professor Wiley was: “courteous and respectful to students”; “an effective facilitator and clear communicator”; “knowledgeable about the subject and materials”; and “skillful in highlighting the variety of voices and perspectives in the class.”

Engage Mr. Wiley for your class and let his infectious enthusiasm for the law inspire your students and stimulate their thinking and creativity.