Social Justice

Wiley believes in the core legal principles of justice for all.  Over the course of his career, he has dedicated himself to helping to ensure that those who cannot afford legal service still have access to the courts and still get quality legal advice.  To that end, Wiley has performed pro bono work, taught at seminars that showed other attorneys how they can provide pro bono services, and served on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of a local charity focused on providing legal access to the poor, the Minnesota Justice Foundation.

Wiley also was the co-founder and  co-director of a highly successfully annual legal fundraising event called the Attractive Nuisance Tour.  This event, which featured musical acts that had lawyers in them, raised money for the Hennepin County Bar Foundation and the Minnesota Justice Foundation, both of which used the funds to promote justice for the disadvantaged.  The event has raised $250,000 to help provide Minnesota residents access to the legal system.  Wiley even performed at the event on occasion (to varying reviews).

Wiley continues to help promote access to the courts, and he utilizes a sliding scale billing system and flat-rate pricing when it is appropriate for his own clients.