NBA Workplace Harassment Investigation Becomes Public – Shows Truly Reprehensible Behavior by Employees Goes Unchecked for Years

If you follow professional basketball – and as a firm with an average height of 6’6”, we do – you are probably aware of the fairly recent stories that have surfaced regarding the Dallas Maverick organization and the frighteningly inappropriate behavior of its employees.  From the CEO of the organization down to the club’s beat writer, it appears that bad behavior permeated throughout the organization, leaving no employee safe from harassment, intimidation, or in some cases, violence.  This information came to light in a February, 2018 Sports Illustrated article detailing some of the worst cases of harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior in recent memory.  To see the full article, go here:

In response to the article, the Mavericks organization retained an independent law firm to look into the behavior – some of which dated back over 20 years – and determine if, when and where the behavior occurred.  The firm was also to cite organizational failures in protecting employees from such behavior.  In total, the investigative team, which consisted of 10 attorneys, including a former Manhattan Assistance District Attorney and a former New Jersey Attorney General, interviewed 215 witnesses, including all current members of the organization, former employees, and other individuals with knowledge of the organization.

The investigative report has been released, and The Wiley Law Office is taking a deep dive into the investigation to see where the organization went so wrong, and steps it failed to take after receiving employee complaints over a twenty-year period.

What we can tell you now is this: any organization that allows behavior such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, co-worker intimidation, the viewing of pornography on office computers, new staff orientation tours of an employee’s apartment, domestic assault, and the placement of a used condom on the floor of the office facility to go unchecked, is not only an organization no employee should have to work for, but is also a company that will be paying out millions of dollars in settlements for years to come.

Check back with us next week where we will give you a full rundown of all of the documented organizational missteps of the Mavericks organization.