The Wiley Law Pre-Thanksgiving Update!

We, at the Wiley Law Office have much to be thankful for – friends, family, another mediocre Vikings season, to name a few.  We are also thankful for those of you who work with us or just follow us on social media.  We’re even thankful for those unruly, disgruntled workers of yours who keeps us so happily employed!

It’s important for all out there to take time to reflect upon what we’re thankful for, and show gratitude to all those special folks in our lives – especially those working for us.  So, as we’ve said before, take this upcoming holiday as an opportunity to give thanks to your employees.  Whether it’s through a simple greeting card, a pat on the back, or a free turkey (you can probably do so without fear of establishing a past practice), take some time to thank your employees for all the hard work they do in making your organization a success.

Take time out to enjoy the holiday season and we’ll be back next week.