Wiley receives rave reviews for Anti-harassment training

In December 2012, Wiley was retained to perform anti-harassment training at a Minnesota employer.  He presented three live sessions for various employee shifts, and allowed the employer to videotape the training and store it on its hard-drive for new employees to watch upon hire.  He also performed 1:1 training for certain employees that had a specific need.  Chantell Knauss, Assistant City Manager, City of Golden Valley, lauded Wiley’s efforts:

 “Greg conducted our anti-harassment training that is routinely required for all employees. As part of the training, he reviewed our current policies and made suggestions for updates. The information he provided was timely and interesting and the examples he used really kept everyone’s attention. Several employees, from Department Heads to line staff, told me that it was the best trainer they had seen present on this topic.”

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